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While the rules of French roulette online are similar to those of American and European roulette, the wheel used in French roulette online casinos follows the European pattern by having only one 0 instead of two, as is the case in American roulette.

The 'La Partage' rule is the primary distinction between French casino online Roulette and other variants. If you put an even money bet and the ball lands on zero, the house will refund half of your wager. This regulation, known as "La Partage," favours the player. As a result, the player's probabilities of this happening are quite high.

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How We Choose The Best Online French Roulette Casinos

  • When deciding which online casinos are the finest for roulette, we begin by looking at their game library. The top roulette casinos will provide European, American and French roulette online.
  • Players should be able to choose from various betting limits at the online roulette for real money tables, and they should be able to try out the game for free in trial mode before placing any real money wagers.
  • Mobile compatibility is a major factor in determining the top online French roulette real money casinos, alongside the site’s overall game selection and quality. The popularity of mobile gambling has grown steadily over the last several years, and the industry has evolved to meet the needs of its customers.
  • The ideal roulette gambling establishment would allow customers to make quick, fee-free deposits and withdrawals. The actual processing time for payment varies widely, from a few seconds to seven banking days, and sometimes includes transaction fees.
  • When comparing casino bonuses, it’s usually enough to look at the bonus amount, the match percentage, and the number of times you have to play through the bonus.

Quick Guide On Playing French Roulette

Here are some basic French roulette rules:

  • Prior to the spinning of the French roulette wheel, players must make their wagers.
  • An image of a roulette wheel revolves on the screen, and a ball goes around it as it turns.
  • As the wheel slows to a halt, the location of the balls at rest becomes apparent.
  • The player is then informed of the winning round’s colour and number.
  • In the event of a win, the player receives a payout according to their wager.

Variations Of Bets In French Roulette

The wide range of wagers available in French roulette online makes it one of the most exciting casino games. Variable bets have different payoff percentages and odds each time you play. Inside and Outside bets are distinguished by where on the table they are placed.

Inside Bets

All wagers made inside the numbers grid, whether on one number or a cluster of numbers, are considered inside bets.

  • Straight Up;
  • Split;
  • Street;
  • Corner;
  • Double Street or Six Line;
  • Trio.

Outside Bets

Other than inside bets, the French roulette table also accepts outside bets. These wagers often include a huge set of numbers depending on a variety of criteria, such as value, colour, and others. The somewhat reduced payout percentages are offset by the increased win probability.

You may choose to gamble on the colour of the winning number with the Red or Black bet. The odds of winning are 48.64%, and the payoff is 1:1, often known as even money.

  • Odd or Even;
  • High and Low;
  • Column;
  • Dozen.

Other Unique Bets In French Roulette

Additional distinguishing features of French roulette online include the following special wagers:

  • Voisins du Zero, which translates as “neighbours of zero,” includes all of the numbers from 22 to 25 on a roulette wheel, zero included.
  • Le Tiers du Cylindre, sometimes known as “thirds of the wheel,” has the digits 27 through 33 that are directly opposite the “voisins du zero.”
  • Orphelins (also known as “orphans”) represent the remaining figures that do not fit into the first two categories.

RTP And House Edge In French Roulette

In a casino, two of the most crucial factors are the return-to-player % and the house edge. Over an unlimited number of spins, the RTP % is the theoretical amount of money the game will pay out, with the casino retaining the remainder as profit. If a game has a high return to player %, it is considered to be fairer.

In gambling, the house edge is a measure of the inherent casino advantage over time. The house edge is determined by subtracting the actual French roulette odds from the casino’s odds. When comparing true odds with casino odds, keep in mind that true odds relate to the probability of winning on a single spin. In contrast, casino odds represent the actual payout percentages. If you place a Straight Up bet, for instance, there is only one possible winning result and 35 possible losing ones. If this were true, the French roulette payout ratio would be 36:1, but it’s only 35:1.

In practice, this implies that the house advantage in French Roulette is around 2.7%. That’s the proportion the French roulette casino plans to maintain as long-term profit. The La Partage and En Prison rule, though, makes things much more intriguing. These two modifications drastically alter the game’s dynamics and impact the house advantage.

Strategy And Tips For Playing Real Money French Roulette

  • Always play French roulette online real money with ‘la partage’ When the ball falls on 0, you’ll receive half of the even-money bets refunded. La partage reduces the house advantage to 1.35 percent, compared to 5.25 percent in American and 2.75 percent in European version.
  • Red or black, odd or even, high or low are even-money bets. Even money bets on French roulette real money are the easiest and safest. Low rewards, but you may double your bet.
  • Online French roulette tracks ‘hot numbers’. This shouldn’t affect your betting. Every roulette spin is unpredictable. Previous winners won’t affect future ones.
  • When you play French roulette online or other casino games, put up a bankroll. Always gamble what you can afford to lose.

Some More Information On Playing French Roulette Online For Money

If you’re new to premium French roulette real money, this tutorial should help you get up to speed. Although it has some similarities to its European and American analogues, it clearly has its own dynamics. In case that seems interesting to you, be sure to check out some of the frequently asked questions.

What’s The Difference Between French Roulette And American Roulette?

The difference between American roulette and French roulette is in the fact that, in addition to the wheel’s layout, the absence of the La Partage rule and the presence of a double zero in American version set it apart from its French counterpart.

Are European And French Roulette The Same Games?

French roulette online is not the same as European, despite popular belief. They’re almost identical save for the La Partage rule in French one. This one rule may not seem like much, but it greatly improves the chances of winning in French roulette, which is something that all online casino patrons should appreciate.

What Odds Does 0 In Roulette Have?

The zero slot is absent from each of the wagers. When the ball lands on zero, you’re certain to lose the game regardless of how many times you roll.