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Learn about Pai Gow Poker Online in Canada and Play

Pai gow poker online is a newer version of the traditional pai gow domino played in China. However, the main difference is in the instrument because the new variation is played with 52 playing cards plus one Joker, not dominoes. The game involves six players, each trying to defeat the dealer. Therefore, some platforms with a live casino function can play with a live dealer, not a computer. It draws the attention of Canadian players. However, this is not all worth knowing before plunging into the game. Working nuances, rules, fastest payout, etc., can be found in customer support or by reading the review below.

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Gaming Process of ​​Pai Gow Poker in 4 easy steps

Pai gow poker online

The game is quite simple if you follow the chronology of actions.

  1. Both you and the dealer receive seven cards. Remember that you are playing against them, and not other players, before placing a bet.
  2. The main goal is to split your seven-card log into five-card and two-card logs. Your five-card hand must be higher than your two-card hand.
  3. After you have made your final decision and split your cards, the dealer will show their cards and compare them.
  4. You will win a minus 5% rake if your hands are better. If the dealer’s two hands are better, you lose. The hand is a push if one is high and the other is low. You will receive your bet. All ties are bankers’ victories.

How to Play Pai Gow Poker Online for Free and Real Money?

Free to play means you won’t spend or lose any money and can be more relaxed. It has some benefits:

  • Ability to learn and practice until you are proficient.
  • Playing as long as you want without running out of betting funds.

When playing poker online for real money, you can get nice bonuses. The minimum bets are often low compared to land-based casino standards. Bonuses and promotions, online bingo are valid for real money only. When you play with cash, you can increase your bet with bonuses.

How to Choose the Best Casino for Online Pai Gow Poker for Money?

ow to Play Pai Gow for Free and Real Money

When choosing a pai gow poker casino, there are several important aspects to consider to avoid ending up on a scam site and not losing real money. Fraudsters can come up with a reason to block accounts, and all the money put on the deposit will be burned. Therefore, take your choice seriously when you want to play online casino pai gow.

  • Banking & Fast Payout. Modern platforms have many payment options – Visa and MasterCard, PayPal, crypto, etc. Players should be able to choose the most profitable way to deposit or withdraw their winnings. However, speed is also important. Fast payouts mean instant transfers or within a reasonable time. The speed often depends on the amount, chosen deposit, and withdrawal methods.
  • Security & License. Make sure pai gow payouts are safe and legal. The platform must comply with all rules regarding using your personal information, including banking information. And transferring it to third parties is a violation. Therefore, many platforms use special encryption. A valid license is also a guarantee of security. Be sure to check it out.
  • Quality games & Software. In addition to the Pai gow card game, there should be other casino games, as the variety makes it possible not to bore the players.
  • Bonuses and Promotions. You should benefit from the future game at the very beginning. Pai gow poker online casino should provide you with favourable conditions, such as no deposit bonus and weekly promotions.
  • Mobile options. The ability to play from a mobile phone or tablet is an important component. Some developers have special applications that can be downloaded for free. Also, most sites and games are adapted to the mobile casino version. Play pai gow online from a mobile browser.

Pai Gow Poker Strategy of Odds & Payouts

Poker is a strategic game, regardless of the type and rules of the game. Predicting will help avoid unnecessary financial risks and signal when to stop playing. Below is a table with pai gow poker odds and payouts.

Pai Gow Hand Pai Gow Odds Pai Gow Payouts
High Card 13:2 0
Pair 5:2 0
Straight 14:1 2:1
3 of the Kind 20:1 3:1
Flush 25:1 4:1
Full House 36:1 5:1
4 of the Kind 500:1 25:1
Straight Flush 750:1 50:1
Royal Flush 6,000:1 150:1
5 Aces 140,000:1 400:1
7-Card Straight Flush (No Joker) 5,000,000:1 8,000:1
7-Card Straight Flush (with Joker) 800,000:1 1,000:1

Helpful Tips for Pai Gow Table

One player’s important advice to achieve success at card game Pai Gow Poker online. Check out some of them, and look forward to victories.

  • Try the free version of the game to understand the rules of pai gow poker and develop your winning strategy. And only then use the first deposits and bonuses.
  • Learn pai gow poker rules. It will help you quickly navigate the rates, and it will be difficult to fool you. You need to know all the nominations by heart; you will be able to predict the game’s outcome.
  • Choose a casino with the highest payout. It is a great incentive to get the pleasure of the game and return some of your money. I want to prove that the money game brings more pleasure than the free version, so you should take care of your profit.
  • Do not be afraid of pai gow bonus payouts and promotions. The rules for applying bonuses are not as strict as they might seem at first glance. Statistics show that it is possible to fulfil them and increase your winnings.